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Taste Santorini’s traditional kitchen

14 - 10 - 2014

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Besides the natural beauty of Santorini, you will be impressed by the unique flavors and our local products. The enriched ground in combination with Santorini’s unique climate, has made the land of Santorini ideal for the production of a variety of delicious products.

The island’s tradition in viticulture is well known for thousands of years. The soil composition makes several varieties of vines which produce wines with unique flavor and taste.

Do not miss to taste the famous tomatoes of Santorini. According to the tradition, the distinctive variety came to the island by a Catholic monk and found affluent territory in the island’s environment.

Santorini’s delicious traditional sweets are called “meletinia” and “kolokytheri”. These are little sweet tarts and pies that are made ​​especially for Easter, but you can taste them during the whole year.

Fava is another local product that stands out for its taste and its nutritional value. This is a Protected Designation of Origin product and comes from the plant “Lathyrus Clymenum”.

If you’re a fan of good food, it will be your pleasure to taste all these traditional products. This is another reason to fall in love with the beautiful island of Santorini.